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Flow Meter, FCH-micro


Miniature Flow Meter, FCH-micro series

The Teddington “FCH-micro”-series of Miniature Flow Meters are based on Bio-Tech’s well established technology; a turbine Wheel with built in magnets affects a small Electronic Circuit with a hall effect sensor. The Circuit generatas a Square wave signal (PNP or NPN). Due to the Flow Meters exetremely compact size, they are ideal for applications in all kinds of small instruments and machines.  The FCH-micro series are available in 3 different materials, offering great possibilities in choosing the best material for the specific fluid and application. even aggressive and ultra pure fluids can be measured. Below is a short summary of the different types:

  • FCH-micro PVDF; 1/8” hose barbs, available in 2 flow ranges: 15…1000 ml/min or 15…1500 ml/min. The Flow Meter handles temperatures up to 90° C and pressures up to 4 bar (@ 20° C). Electrical connection through molded Cable.
  • FCH-micro Aluminum; 1/8” hose barbs, available in 2 flow ranges: 0,2…5 l/min or 0,05…8 l/min. The Aluminum model can handle fluid temperatures up to 110° C and pressures up to 30 bar! Electrical Connection by mini-DIN, M-12 or molded cable.
  • FCH-micro Stainless Steel; M5-threads. Only available in one flow range at the moment: 0,05…2 l/min. These Flow Meters can handle the same temperature and pressure as the Aluminum models and has the same options for electrical Connections.

Examples of some different “FCH-micro”-Flow Meters:


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