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Flow Meters

Small/Miniature Flow Meters for measuring small liquid volumes (down to 1 ml/min!)

We offer a range of Flow Meters suitable for low viscosity fluids (Turbine Wheel Flow Meters) as well as high viscosity fluids (Oval Gear Flow Meters). The design differs between the different models but they all have use magnets in the turbines/Wheels which influence a hall effect sensor on an Electric circuit board. The Circuit generates a pulsating signal (Square wave). We can also offer solutions for analog signals such as 4-20 mA, 0-5 or 0-10 V DC. Several different materials to choose from making these Flow Meters ideal for a large range of fluids; from water and other harmless Chemicals to acids, bases and other corrosive or otherwise hazardous fluids. All our models have ultrasonically welded magnets that does not come in contact with the fluid.

Some examples of available materials: POM, PP, PVDF, Aluminum, Stainless Steel

Flow connection through internal thread or hose barb (from G1/8″ to G2″, hose barbs from 4 mm i.d.).

Our standard models are:

  • FCH-micro; Mini Flow Meters from 15 ml – 8 l/min
  • FCH-mini: Turbine Wheel Flow Meters in miniature size, from 1 ml – 8 l/min
  • FCH-midi: Small Turbine Wheel Flow Meters, from 50 ml – 18 l/min
  • DFM: Small Turbine Wheel Flow Meters, from 0,4 – 80 l/min
  • FCH-34: Turbine Wheel Flow Meters, from 0,5 – 100 l/min
  • FCH-C: Small Turbine Wheel Flow Meters, from 0,4 – 120 l/min
  • FCH-SE: Paddle Wheel Flow Meters, from 1 – 1000 l/min
  • VZS (-003/-005/-007): Oval Gear Flow Meters in miniature size, from 1 ml – 5 l/min
  • VZO (-03/-08/-12): Oval Gear Flow Meters, from 30 ml – 8 l/min
  • VZB: Gear Flow Meters, from 20 ml – 125 l/min

We also have a range of accessories, including fittings, quick couplings, filters, digital displays and pulse signal  converters.